Saint Nikola island – Montenegro

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Water Activities at Saint Nikola island – Budva, Montenegro

This beautiful island named “Saint Nikola” is yet another of the many attractions of the city Budva on the Montenegro coast. With the length of 2 km, Saint Nikola island is the largest in Montenegro. Popularly called ‘Hawaii near Budva’ closes the Gulf of Budva and is located 1 km from Budva’s old town.

The Saint Nikola island has three larger sandy beaches in total length of 840 meters and numerous small beaches around the island. They can be reached only by boat. Once you are there, clear transparent sea water await you with blue skies, sunrays and the scents and tastes of the Mediterranean Sea that will sweep you off your feet. A large part of the island is covered in dense vegetation. This often reminds one of the remotest island regions of the world seeking a new Robinson Crusoe.

Such an island makes a perfect setting for various sport activities that we can organize for you and your clients. Our well embraced “Escape the island” Activity (consists of many interactive team building games, such as: build a raft, quagmire, spiderweb, walking on the wire, blow to the rescue, bow and arrow, dive for puzzle and solve it etc…)

More Team Building Water Sport Activities at Saint Nikola island

  Jet Ski
  Water ski
  Fly board
  Speed boat
  Volley Ball

After a dynamic day on Saint Nikola island, why not overnight on the beach in the open sky! This might just be the perfect ending of a successful team building event.

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