Private Party Events in Montenegro

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Private Party Events are a Challenge Regardless of Size & Location

This time we were so lucky to work on a very demanding Private Party Event with a perfectly chosen team of suppliers and our amazing partner from Norway. And the most important of course was the purpose of this Private Party Event, to celebrate Love & Respect, that made our task even more challenging and apparently we all got involved from our hearts.

Almost a year of preparations and all of us gathered around the same idea “We have to make this Private Party Event a truly outstanding occasion”. The whole team was full of energy and enthusiasm from start to finish, we were tackling challenges and turning them into positive experiences. And there were so many challenges on our way.

From the beginning, we had a perfect choice of the venue for our Private Party Event, the amazing Villa Milocer (the former summer residence of Queen Marija Karadjordevic) and the marvellous island of Sveti Stefan, both with well-deserved glamorous reputation. The client was so charming that we felt we owed him this perfect event. Together with our Norwegian partner, we designed a plan that was streamlined with our invitations and we started working, complementing each other with out of the box solutions. Even our operations and our financial department staff were thinking, giving ideas and solutions. Because Montenegro is such a small market, many things that are easily reachable elsewhere are not always available in Montenegro.

However, creative people always find solutions and with the help of local artists we made a perfect chandelier for the stage, we built luxury toilets at the picnic place in the middle of nowhere, we provided equipment for the celebration evening from 3 surrounding countries and everything worked perfectly.

There Were So Many Small Details and None of Them Were Ever Neglected. All Perfect!

Gala Dinner at Villa Milocer

Our clients enjoyed a private concert with an Orthodox Choir and organ player in the middle of the fascinating Boka Bay.

They celebrated a Montenegrin evening on the cliff terrace of Sveti Stefan island listening to traditional Montenegrin sounds performed by the best musicians.

Mount Lovcen Luxury Picnic

The next day we continued in the same spirit, enjoying a luxury picnic at the top of Lovcen mountain, eating only Montenegrin specialities prepared according to the oldest recipes.

The party enjoying the beauties of Lovcen mountain that has a special place in the hearts of all Montenegrins.

Local Folklore Dances

Beautiful young ladies and gentlemen who are passionate members of the Montenegrin folklore ensemble welcomed guests and when they saw them dancing after few minutes almost everybody joined them to celebrate glory of this special spontaneous moment.

Concert & Fireworks

Same afternoon, after paying a visit to the old charming town of Kotor we were ready for main celebration. Surprises were coming one after the other, and evening reached its culmination with one of the greatest world’s tenors, José Carreras coming to the stage, accompanied by the angel voice of Mrs Sissel Kyrkjebø.

The end result was beyond words. More than satisfied client and fabulous reactions from all involved, after this memorable Private Party Event, we were all fulfilled with pride and energy to work even harder for future projects.