Montenegro Team Building Experience

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Montenegro Team Building Experience – 6 days & 64 Participants.

A well-known IT company based in Russia experiences 6 days in Montenegro.

The main Montenegro Team Building activity took place on the Montenegro Island called “Mamula” where there were several different games introduced.

  • Constructing and making a rescue Raft
  • Sailing out and locating a “prisoner” located in an underwater cage
  • Abseiling by ropes off the walls of a Mamula fortress
  • A zip line, aerial runway across Mamula fortress tower walls
  • An archery tournament
  • Communicating by reading messages with the help of naval flags
  • Several smart games played in the dark

After the main Montenegro Team Building Experience on “Mamula Island”, the group of 64 participants engaged in a Treasure Hunt in the old town “Herceg Novi”. Afterwards, the group cruises the Boka Bay area after which they enjoy another Treasure Hunt in the Old Town of Kotor. The evening before departure day, the group celebrates the tour with a gala dinner at the restaurant “Bruno” in Budva.

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