Montenegro in 2021

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Experience Montenegro in 2021 – Your Next Best Boutique Incentive!

How beautiful can Montenegro be in 2021? How exciting, yet calm and welcoming can it be?

In short, such a small and boutique – sized destination on one side. And yet…

On the other, very spacious providing exciting tailor made boutique incentive experience. Nature focused, chic oriented and post COVID safe destination. In 2021, Montenegro can be experienced with all 5 senses!

All programs shown here are well prepared for different challenges that always surprise and remain a lifetime memory.


National Park – NP Biogradska Gora

Experience off road jeeps through Biogradska Gora (National Park). Enjoy horseback riding, sunset and dinner under the stars around a fire at Eco Village Vranjak. Enjoy beautiful view points from numerous mountain lakes as locals did for centuries.

A perfect playground for outdoor activities but at the same time clients can be the part of the everyday life of the locals from the North.

The Best escape and recovery from stress and crowds.

After changing transport, we take the jeeps through the well-hidden paths where we arrive at the first eco village in Montenegro.

Sunset lovers arrive exactly on time to catch the beautiful sky colours. A cosy local firelight dinner with relaxing guitar music in the mountains.


National Park – NP Skadarsko Jezero

Experience Boat Rides, Eco Resort Cermeniza, Bikes, Raft Building, etc.

Firstly, the Stillness of this lake gives you pleasure to explore the vast surroundings of Skadar lake. Secondly, a smooth boat ride will take you to the Tavern Pjesacac situated on a small private beach for lunch prepared by locals. In this peaceful part of the national park is a Eco Resort Cermeniza.

A family-run business that combines traditional Montenegrin hospitality with modern amenities for those who prefer active rest.

Furthermore, we can organize a raft making (building) competition on a beach. Whereby, teams make their own rafts and explore the area by bikes.

Above all, whichever activity you choose, harmony with nature is guaranteed throughout Montenegro in 2021.


Montenegro Coastal Peninsula Lustica

Experience Arza, Quads, CSR Plant with Olive Trees, Soap Making, etc. In short, if Montenegro is the hidden gem of Europe, then peninsula Lustica is hidden gem of Montenegro.

The area is wild and peaceful in the same time. It witnesses history from the Austro-Hungarian period. Among well preserved fortifications, Arza is our favourite. It is a perfect disembarking point with speed boats. A welcome drink and quad pick up spot. Again, local families will prepare and open their doors with unique hospitality.

For instance, the Family Moric will let you step into their olive grove. You will learn how they manage their organic production of olive oil. See all their products and even contribute to the number of seedlings which can be a perfect teambuilding activity.

Or, maybe learn how to make soap out of olive oil. This small farm counts around 1000 olive trees and most of them are older than 350 years.


Montenegro Seafront City – Budva

Experience Cooking Classes With Local Family (Pasticada), 5 Senses of Montenegro in 2021

Budva, a beautiful coastal town, heart of Montenegrin tourism and a vibrant city. It hides so many exciting things. Instead of just walking through narrow century old streets, Budva Old town can be discovered in many other ways. If we add some tasting spots, music spots a road book and a few tasks, the Visit of Budva old town becomes a real adventure.

Such competitive activities will awake all 5 senses. Furthermore, Budva is also known for great beach experiences. Besides this, Budva holds several unique gastronomy addresses.

For example, house of family Radjenovic, where clients learn how to make their popular home made Macaroni “Pastrovacki makaruli” in a warm pleasant ambience. All with local touch.


Montenegro Greater Bay Area – Boka Bay

Experience a Trip with Speedboats From Tivat To Arza

The Great Bay of Kotor, one of the most beautiful parts of the country and most south fjord in Europe is a must.

In addition, this is the best way to discover the Bay Area. We simply ride the waves in a speed boat while you pass by artificial and natural islands while you are surrounded by huge Montenegro mountains. Another well known variant of a great boutique incentive experience in Montenegro for 2021.

With over 20 years of experience, Talas-Montenegro DMC is proud to have managed hundreds of successful incentive experiences. We trust Montenegro in 2021 will truly be a more successful year for all of us! Contact us for event support in Montenegro and please share this info with your colleges and friends.

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