Launching a New Product is One of the Most Exciting Company Activities!

Product Launches require impeccable services and perfect organization. That’s where we come in. Talas-M team offers you creativity, sophistication and professionalism while working with you in order to make your Product Launches a success. We offer creative ideas on how to make your launch stunning and unforgettable. While we handle the coordination, and all the details, you can focus your time, energy and efforts where they matter most.

Did you know that we generally retain:

  10% of what we Read

  20% of what we Hear

  30% of what we See

  90% of what we Do?

One of the most important things to bear in mind is to actively involve the participants rather than making them passive recipients. We are aware that, for the customers, nothing equals a personalized experience of the products.

We will ensure that your Brand remains sharply defined in the memory of your participants. Join Toyota, Nissan, Citroen, L’Oreal, SCA and many other satisfied clients of ours. View our Client Portfolio.

Talas-M delivers successful product launches for clients across a spectrum of industries, including automotive, energy, technology, pharmaceutical and many others. Breathe life into your product with a unique venue, and give your product the spotlight it deserves!