Exceptional Event Catering Services that Ensure Your Event Stays Memorable!

With Event Catering, you cook some food and serve it, right? That is the basic idea, but there’s a whole lot more to it. Catering involves a lot of planning and preparation, teamwork and creativity. Talas-M offers exceptional event catering services that will ensure your event ticks all the right boxes. Our caterers will prepare delicious and exquisitely decorated food that will make attendees talk about your event for years to come. Whether it’s a cocktail party for 50 people or a corporate event for 500, our goal is the same, to help you create something truly special.

Does the Menu fit the occasion and tastes of the group?
Does the Venue fit the occasion, climate and group size?

We can offer catering not only in restaurants but in special places which are not accessible to everyone (national park, island, mountain top, etc.) or modern, exclusive locations, all of which can be spiced with appropriate animation, because we take care that every aspect of an event is just as perfect as the food.

For all types of groups and every occasion the catering services are compounded accordingly.

A wide choice of set menus (cocktail parties, buffets for very large groups, multi course seated lunches or dinners) and both traditional Montenegrin and International cuisine guarantee our clients a tailor-made service that will suit their program.