Lustica Bay Montenegro

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Lustica Bay Montenegro – An Ideal James Bond location “The Times”

“James Bond loves to travel the world, and while he can appreciate a Caribbean beach, Italian lake or mountain-top restaurant as much as the next person, he does love a good car chase against an iconic city backdrop. – But if 007 were to settle down, which of the film locations would be the best place to buy”,
The Times asked.

In an article titled “We think you’ll feel right at home, James “, Italian cities of Venice, Rome, Siena and Lake Como, Austrian destination Solden, Istanbul, Miami, Mexico, the Bahamas as well as Montenegro are listed as the ideal destinations.

“Yes, we know that what we thought was Montenegro in ‘Casino Royal’, was, in fact, the Czech Republic, but the little Balkan republic does offer a stunning coastline with a growing quota of luxury resorts owned by yachties and second-home owners around the Kotor fjord…

On the area of 690 ha, as an integrated resort, Lustica Bay Montenegro offers apartments near a marina, at a starting price of €235,000, while the price of three-bedroom villas near the marina is over €3 million.” wrote Reporter Liz Rowlinson.

An area of inimitable beauty, both inland and out to sea, Montenegro boasts a landscape every bit as vibrant and varied as its history – swooping up from its captivating coastline, bays and beaches to a dramatic interior of mountains and forestry.

Exhilarating, exotic and all but undiscovered, this spectacular spot on the Adriatic coast is easily accessible from everywhere in Europe. Lustica Bay Montenegro presents the perfect place from which to explore and enjoy this beauty.

Nestled in north western Montenegro’s Trašte Bay, adjacent to the village of Radovići, it is part of the Municipality of Tivat, just 10 km from Tivat airport, 80 km from the capital city Podgorica and 60 km from Croatia’s Dubrovnik.

Lustica Bay Montenegro has witnessed as much turbulence as it has enjoyed natural tranquillity; a place where historic battles took place in the most picturesque of settings – a past attested to by the remnants of Austro-Hungarian fortifications found in the area.

Now, it benefits from the Luštica Peninsula’s 35 kilometres of uninterrupted coastline and panoramic views out into the Adriatic, expansive olive groves, rich vegetation and an average of 250 days of sunshine a year – all set against the backdrop of a sloping hillside and dramatic mountains beyond.


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