Kotor Group Activity for All Senses

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Wake Up All Your Senses – A Special Kotor Group Activity

Did you ever hear any stories about some old town called Kotor?

Kotor is a small city in Balkans hidden between huge Montenegro mountains and the Adriatic sea.

The old city is surrounded by ancient stone walls and fortifications with many small pedestrian streets dated back to the Venetian period, now protected by UNESCO.

Well, first it gives the impression of a well preserved old city but maybe a little bit boring?

However, let us tell you a bit more about how Kotor can provide a great group activity and get out of its comfort zone. It can spontaneously become the most lively place on the coast of Montenegro.
Actually, Kotor is known by an impressive number of tourists from all around the world that visit this old town every year.

This little jewel will open its doors for you and let you discover its history and tradition in a very original way.

Among other activities, this time we suggest a Kotor group activity while you forget all about the usual “I’m a tourist” kind of scenario.

Forget about your map, don’t buy any tickets, don’t charge your camera, don’t listen to your guide, turn around and wherever you go, simply just follow your senses.

The group will learn and enjoy more about our history, our way of life, our habits, traditions and cuisine, than any traditional way of sightseeing.

Your favorite sense may just be around the corner! See, taste, listen, smell and touch Kotor are the best way to go for every participant.

All group members will become a part of Kotor’s everyday life style. Asking and listening will make them familiar with the locals and localities.

Who knows which senses will be awaken once you decide to take that little street on the right or left.

Try this group activity as a great ending of a full day cruise. Let all participants find all 5 senses by themselves. Discover all the sweet spots that are potentially waiting for you.

During the 1 hour and 30 minutes, Kotor becomes a great place to tickle and awake all your senses.

For any additional information or similar group activities, please feel free to contact us.

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