Kolasin Conference – Montenegro Highland

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Kolasin Conference Danfoss – Top Highland Destination in Montenegro

The Kolasin conference was held at the exclusive four star hotel Bianca Resort & Spa and was the place where Danfoss Serbia organized their first corporate conference in Montenegro.

Associates from several countries (Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Slovenia and Denmark) joined this Kolasin conference to meet in order to consult and share their experiences related to innovations, in order to contribute to improvement of the company on different markets.

On the way to the Kolasin conference at Hotel Bianca, guests had their first strong impressions while visiting the Plantaze Wine Cellar Sipcanik, an Old military building transformed into an impressive wine treasury.

According to French Chateaus principles, cellars were dug in the middle of vineyards, in the same country and the same ground and rocks from which the vine grows.

Although it is situated in the small country Montenegro, Plantaze owns the largest wine yard in one complex in Europe and it is the biggest producer of wine and table grapes in Montenegro and surroundings.
After two days of hard work, it was time to relax, to get to know each other better, as well as exploring the beautiful nature of the north of Montenegro. Beautiful landscapes of Bjelasica mountain left them breathless during a Jeep safari, on the way to Eco Village Vranjak, at the height of 1750 above sea level.

In this unique village they had a chance to taste some of Montenegrin forgotten meals and mountain specialities.

Rafting adventure in the Tara river Canyon was left for the end of journey. Narrow passes and rapids, abysses and steep banks are this canyon’s characteristics and make it irresistible for everybody seeking adventures. Rafting and floating on the Tara – “The jewel of Europe”, belongs to those attractions that turn high spirits into top fun.

Danfoss Serbia is part of the international Danfoss Group, which is a leader in research, development and production of mechanical and electronic products and controllers. Their products help with heating and cooling homes and office spaces, freeze food and regulation of production. In short, Danfoss contributes to the comfort of modern life as well as safer and cleaner living environment.

At the end, Talas Montenegro DMC hosted another contented group, full of positive impressions. Please share this Conference experience with your colleagues!

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