First Covid-19 Free Country In Europe

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Greetings from the First Covid-19 Free Country in Europe

Yes, Montenegro is the first Covid-19 Free Country in Europe!

We kept asking ourselves. Why this virus now? In which dark corner of the world was it born? Nevertheless, we remain deprived of the answer, while the outcome for all of us is the same. We were forced to deal with it! Even though, times were challenging before, didn’t we as a mankind, face similar difficulties many times throughout history? Yes, we did! And every single time came out victorious! This was nothing but another victory over the enemy which came out of nowhere and vanish the same way.


Despite Being A Covid-19 Free Country, Our Industry Was Hit Bad!

An Industry in which we create together, is heavily struck by this common enemy. We certainly did not expect it, had big plans for the upcoming season, creating new products and conducting fresh ideas.

Sure, you are familiar with this great enthusiasm and euphoria! Its always overwhelming in the time of early spring, heading to new victories of the year ahead.

This enemy tried, but completely failed to destroy this spirit! We feel it stronger than ever, and we are devoted more than ever! So, let us stay together and together let’s go back to the well-known paths of success! This enemy’s defeat is in plain sight.

About Montenegro at the Time of Corona Virus

The best way to introduce our beautiful country is by 2 facts! First fact you probably already heard: Montenegro was the last country in Europe to announce first registered case of Corona virus infection. Long after the first cases and explosion of the virus in Italy and Spain, and later all over Europe, we were still without an infection.

Our health institutions made outstanding efforts to prevent virus entering the country.

However, it was impossible to avoid it completely, and the outcome of 324 infections and 9 deaths in total remain till today. Today, we are a country with 21 days in a row without a new infection, while 315 patients recovered, which gives us a result of zero infection remained active at this moment! This leads us to the fact number 2. Montenegro is the first corona-free country in Europe!

How Did Montenegro Manage This?

Our people understood the severity of situation and everyone here was and still is committed to the common goal – saving our country from the virus.

Everyone here is eager to see things as they were before, so we were careful and responsible, we listen and follow experts’ instructions how to beat this menace. We can now shout: We managed it!

The Montenegro authorities cancelled or softened a great part of restrictions and measures which were active throughout the infection period.

Today, after taking small but careful steps all along, our cafes and restaurants are open again. Our shopping malls and gyms are open again. We drive normally, we go to the hairdresser’s, we go to buy new shoes, or to take a walk with friends. Life in Montenegro continues normally and freely! All these activities are allowed with respect to recommendations issued by our health authorities.

Our Beaches Are Open & Bathing Season Started!

All in favour of preserving public health and preventing the virus to return. This includes personal hygiene, social distance, awareness, and responsible behaviour in general.

Activation and opening of beaches were very important to us, being a destination, which does not remember or recognize times of closed beaches when the season starts.

Today, while walking along the coast, you can see nicely and tidily organized beaches, making social distance secured. You can see swimmers in the sea, carefree sunbathers enjoying cloudless skies. Be overwhelmed by the feeling that Corona virus has never been here!

Montenegro Is Awake & Prepared to Go!

  • Hotels are in an optimistic mood and orientated towards the season whenever it starts.
  • The Hoteliers are aware that the season will start at some point and will be ready for it.
  • They are all preparing their businesses after Corona!
  • Organized in a way to guarantee everyone’s safety, strict measures of hygiene and procedures to follow, to preserve health of their customers.
  • All of us who work in tourism, who love tourism and in one word “live tourism”, will be one body and soul!
  • We all stand strongly dedicated to providing safe, undisturbed and what is most important, an enjoyable and exciting stay for all visitors!

Our airports are open for small planes and helicopters, up to 10 passengers, without obligation of going to any quarantine. This is the beginning of air traffic normalization and we are looking forward to allowing all commercial flights soon.

We are so thrilled about getting back in the saddle again! And, welcome all of those who will come and visit Montenegro soon! After all isolation, quarantines, restrictions and so many times hearing: “stay home”, who can resist getting out and coming to a sunny, healthy, fresh-air and blue sea, Corona–free Montenegro!

For any further travel tips please contact us for assistance.

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