Experience One Day Montenegro

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Experience Montenegro in One Day

Montenegro has a lot to offer to visitors. There are beautiful sceneries, culture, food, and wild animals among others. What you can enjoy can only be limited by your budget and imagination.

This place is awesome, and has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent past. Let’s see what you can do in a day. Probably a long day but has been done many times!

Budva Old Town

Budva is one of those places that you don’t want to miss. This place is great for photography. Stari Grad, a walled old town, has numerous historic monuments and old architecture. Take some photos here to create unforgettable memories.

There are several modern restaurants and waterfront hotels, so pick and try some incredible dishes.

The area has 17 beaches that stretch along 21km of the coastline. This is yet another attractive destination for visitors.

These beaches offer mind-blowing views. Often used for team building activities or, corporate beach parties.

There is a wide range of delicious seafood to try. The most popular seafood is fresh mussels.

Kotor Old Town

Kotor is an amazing town located between a bay and mountains. There is a lot to explore in this town.

The hidden passages and stone streets make it a phenomenal town. The fortified town walls and medieval architecture that date from the 9th century make this old town very special.

You can climb up the walls for a memorable experience and beautiful view.

Perast Old Town

The town of Perast is located along the Kotor bay. Here, you can sit by the water edge and enjoy the fantastic view. Food & beverages are available in small restaurants and caffe’s, so order your favorite as you watch the beautiful sunset.

Perast is basically in between Budva and Kotor and on the way, so no lost time in this One Day Montenegro experience.

It is advisable to book such custom tailored experiences online and in advance as they need to be carefully planned. There are a lot of thrilling things not mentioned here that you will encounter along the way. Montenegro is a great country with a lot to offer. Be open-minded and try what you can because you may not find it elsewhere.

Such Full Day Tours can be custom made to any corporate incentive trip, or team building event. For more interesting itineraries please contact us for assistance.

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