Exclusive Team Building in Montenegro

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Exclusive Team Building on Mamula Island Fortress

At the very entrance to the magnificent Boka Bay of Montenegro, one of 28 most beautiful bays in the world, lies an inhabited island and fortress. The island is called Lastavica (sparrow), Slavic name, or Rondina (Venetian), but the more popular and known name is simply “Mamula“. Great as an exclusive team building venue!

The construction of Mamula fortress was finished in 1853. The main reason to build such a fort was to stop enemy ships entering the Boka Bay area. The fort was made out thick stones. It is very well preserved and all its elements are still functional. Military barracks for the accommodation of the navy, separated for the officers and common soldiers, kitchen, toilets, munition warehouse, food storage, water, playground, radio room, etc.

In 1918, one part of the fort was used as a prison for the sailors who participated in the famous Boka bay rebellion. There were from 400 to 800 rebellions at the same time. The tradition to use Mamula as a prison was continued even in the Second World War.

The fortress Mamula nowadays represents one of the biggest and best preserved Austrian fortifications on the Adriatic, characterized by monumentality, prominent building precision and perfect functionality of form. The fortress is protected as a second category cultural monument in Montenegro.

In the summer season, tourists come to visit the fortress and to enjoy in Robinson Crusoe ambient, at least for a while. Talas Montenegro DMC offers one more unique reason, to organise team building activities in a breathtaking way. Mamula island as an exclusive team building event with many surprises waiting for you.

Last month we organized such activities for a leading broadband technology Distributor from Russia, second year in a row. A number of challenges awaited our guests: making the raft, releasing a “prisoner” from an underwater cage, getting down the fortress, Abseiling, Zip line, Bow and arrow – archery tournament, submerge for the puzzle.

Mamula island – Zipline
Making an Escape Raft

Submerge for the Puzzle
Abseiling Down the Fortress

After two working days in the town of Budva and two days full of adventurous challenges, the goal to build strong team relations was reached.

If you are interested in these kind of activities and would like to organise such exclusive team building event in Montenegro, the Talas Montenegro DMC team will be more than happy to help you with the planning and realization.

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