Exclusive Cetinje Venue for Events

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Exclusive Cetinje Venue – Old Royal Summer Stage in Cetinje

The hinterland of the Adriatic Sea opens a whole new world of mountain regions near Cetinje. This exclusive Cetinje venue is located at the old Royal Capital and today almost the deserted heart of Montenegro. It seems that the city of Cetinje fell asleep after II World War but, numerous possibilities for history loving visitors are as attractive as ever!

Strolling down the city center, all the sights are easily accessible. The well preserved Palace of King Nikola, old embassies of all countries, monastery and churches where two of the most famous Christian relics are still kept. Namely, the right hand of St. John the Baptist, a piece of the True Cross, the chest of St. Petar Cetinjski. Rich collection of icons, rich paintings and ethnographic collection as well as war trophies.

One of many attractions in this town of immense historical heritage, founded in the 15th century is the exclusive Cetinje venue “Old Royal Summer stage”. The Summer stage was built in the rocky foot of Orlov krš in 1951, which reminds of antic amphitheatres with its stage and auditorium design.

In the 80s, after the 1979 earthquake, conservation and restoration works were conducted, so the auditorium was expanded, and functional qualities of this very acoustic and unique theatre were improved.

This is the place where you can perfectly merge tradition and new modern times. An ideal location for various events such as, open air conferences, presentations and concerts.

Also, the best way to present the heart of Montenegrin culture is to enjoy a folklore dance performance. You will enjoy such unforgettable shows with unique choreographies and charming costumes on this unique stage.

In order to feel the heart of Montenegro you should try the specialities of the national cuisine. The diversity of Montenegrin nature and the ethnographic diversity have left a trace on Montenegrin cuisine. The old royal summer stage can easily turn a national food and wine tasting experience into a special exclusive event!

This unique and exclusive Cetinje venue has many possibilities! If you are planning to organise a special event, conference or meeting with an original concept and need professional assistance, please contact Talas Montenegro DMC and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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