Coastal Town Bar Activities

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Exciting Coastal Town Bar Activities for Individuals & Groups

Bar is a small coastal town of Olive trees, wine, sea and a lake that make it a magical place. Inhabitants like to say that is the perfect spot for a comfortable, peaceful and pleasant life. For every visitor, definitely an exciting place to discover!

The coastal town Bar is where the West meets the East, where Islam meets Christianity. The city has three main religions: Orthodoxy, Islam and Catholicism. During a tour of Bar you must visit and feel cultural and architectural differences between Orthodox churches, Catholic churches and Mosques right next to each other.

If you really want to get to know Bar, take a good look from above. On your way uphill you will pass a lot of traditional restaurants as well as churches and mosques. When you reach the highest point, you will enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the whole Bar area.

Exciting Restaurants in Bar

Restaurant Kula is situated in the very heart of Bar Old Town, in a picturesque courtyard.

Its interior is authentic, with carefully selected details creating a warm and homely atmosphere.

Lunch can be served on the terrace overlooking on the city walls and promenade. Guest will enjoy the various domestic specialities.

Restaurant “Knjazeva Basta” (Prince’s Garden) is also located in the beautiful town Bar. Within the park of the Castle of King Nikola, directly next to the hotel “Princess”.

100 meters from the beach and in the Royal park in which there are more than 100 different species of trees.

In the past, it was a winter garden. A gift from the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele.

Its covered with a metal glass-covered structure with decorative art nou veau details. This is the only one monument structure of this kind in Montenegro. With its authentic ambience, carefully selected dishes and fine wines brings refreshment and class to this region. It is an experience that you will remember, emotion you will want to experience again and a short trip through history.

The Exciting Town Bar

Bar was the host of turbulent history and medieval civilisations. In coastal town Bar, cultures and religions meet and seem to mix in breathtaking ways.

When Tourists visit the coastal town Bar say that people here live in the shadow of Turkish baths, Roman aqueducts and a citadel which first stones were laid some 1000 years ago.

When you visit Bar, you will have chance to see an olive tree over 1000 years old. It was put under State protection in 1957.

A special attraction of the Old Town Bar is its farmers market where local sellers offer their products such as: citrus fruits, olives, olive oil from the area of Bar cheese and a variety of local handicrafts.

The Old Town of Bar is the largest urban agglomeration among the ruins in Montenegro.

Bar is also the largest Montenegrin port and this tour starts at the cruise port of Bar where a guide welcomes you to Montenegro. This can be arranged for individuals or groups. Talas-M can tailor it and organise the time according to your preference. The coastal town Bar is a Montenegro destination you simply do not want to miss!

The position of Old Town Bar offers visitors the opportunity to see from the old ramparts walls, a beautiful panorama of the green valley of Bar. The new part of the town is the port with open seas with the massif of mountain Rumija in the background. View a typical tour of old town Bar.

To organise a special and unique tour, please contact Talas-M DMC.

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