Canyon Nevidio Adventure

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Accept the Challenge & Experience Canyon Nevidio – Never Seen Before

Imagine team building in the heart of an impressive canyon? Swimming through meter wide narrows, jumping or diving between pools of water?

The name Nevidio (Never Seen) speaks for itself – it is hardly accessible. The Nevidio canyon is the last conquered canyon in Europe. It is located 50 km from Žabljak.

The beauty of the Canyon is stunning. The canyon is 2,700 meters long, and in some places its width goes down to only 0.5m. The Nevidio canyon is a place where millions of years ago the mountains of Durmitor and Vojnik crashed into each other. This phenomenon will leave you breathless with its steep cliffs and icy cold water.

The perfect time for this extreme adventure usually goes from the end of May till late September.

Your conquering of the Nevidio Canyon will approximately last three – four hours, but you will be remembering it all your life.
There’s nothing to worry about this adventure, as our experienced guides will help you cross every step and barrier on the way.

A lovely, extremely beautiful and peaceful village, located between mountains, two lakes, rivers and the Canyon Nevidio.

Eco Village Nevidio is located in small village Poscenje. The eco village offers views over the small lake. Each heated bungalow is equipped with a TV with cable channels and a balcony with mountain views. The private bathroom comes with a shower.

At this unique village you will experience magic night, listening to the night sounds of the mountain.
Let the adventure begin!

Check this video and see how fun Canyon Nevidio Team Building can be. Contact us for more.

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