Best Indoor Venues in Montenegro

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Just a Few of the Best Indoor Venues in Montenegro

Maritime Museum in Perast, Boka Bay

One of the Best Indoor Venues in Montenegro was established by the Municipal Council of Perast in 1937. This museum includes exhibits collected from the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, mainly donated by local people and descendants of noble families of Perast. Besides the portraits of famous Perast seamen, weapons and other exhibits from the past of Perast are showcased.

It also houses the archives of the municipality of Perast from 1441 onwards. In 1979, the Perast Palace and Museum were damaged by an earthquake. Between 1979 and 1998, the Palace and Museum underwent basic restoration. However, space envisioned after the earthquake for the public display of a rich collection of over 300 paintings, sculptures, and library and archive materials was started but never completed.

By the end of 2006, construction was completed, with the financial assistance of the American people through the US Consulate in Montenegro, for additional space within the Perast Museum for public viewing of these artifacts of significant cultural value.

Definitely an excellent location and one of the Best Indoor Venues in Montenegro. Ideal for corporate parties, gala dinners or other events. The museum can be reached by car, bus or even speed boat.

  • Capacity for Gala dinner: 80 participants

Bruno Fine Dining restaurant, Budva

With a panoramic view of the sea as well as the Old town of Budva, Bruno is also one of the Best Indoor Venues as a fine dining restaurant that offers seasonal Mediterranean menus with some Italian influence, combined with wines from exclusive list of rare vintages.

The ambience at this restaurant is a unique mixture with varying textures and colors with ethnic pieces of art. Bruno can be used for casual or more formal occasions.

Since the interior at Bruno is modern and the staff is very flexible, there can be a variety of different events organised- from the most formal government cocktails up to lucid themed Gatsby parties.

  • Inside up to 300 participants
  • Terrace up to 100 participants
  • Cocktail inside up to 700 participants
  • Cocktail restaurant plus terrace up to 1000 participants

Sipcanik – Underground Airplane Hangar of Ex-Yugoslav Army, Podgorica

This best indoor venue is a magnificent wine cellar named Šipčanik, opened in late 2007. When the old military airport was transformed into an impressive wine treasury, according to principles of French châteaus the venue became well known to wine lovers.

The cellar is located in the middle of vineyards, on the same land, the same rock from which the vines grow. The cellar is located at an average depth of over 30 meters below ground, in the form of a winding tunnel, 356 meters long, with an average width of 13.5 and height of 7 meters. The temperature is almost constant – between 17 and 19 degrees.

With an impressive space of 7,000 square meters, the wine in wooden barrels and pottery is kept in an ideal climate and perfect conditions.

Another unique and perfect attraction worthwhile visiting, specially for those seeking a superb Venue for Gala dinner, car launch, fashion show, or other events.

  • Capacity for Gala dinner: 500 participants

Besides these 3 best indoor venues in Montenegro, Talas-M DMC can offer more unique locations and Venues on demand. All Venues can be tailor fit to your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us for any additional information. Stay tuned for more and do not forget to share this with your friends and colleges.

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