The Old Town Bar, host to turbulent history and medieval civilization.

 Duration: 3 hours 40 min
 Max participants: 100

 Days of operation: Mon-Sun
 Starting point: Port of Bar

 Included: Lunch , Entry Fees, bus transfer, guide

The Old Town of Bar is the largest urban agglomeration among the ruins in Montenegro. It was a host of a turbulent history and medieval civilizations.


Old Town Bar

Located about 4 km outside today’s Bar, it is laying on a large rock and is protected by cliffs on three sides and by ramparts walls along the west side. The town hosts remains of 240 buildings in ruins with narrow winding streets and irregular-shape squares.

Green Valley of Bar

The Position of Old Town Bar offers the visitors the opportunity to see from the old ramparts walls a beautiful panorama of the green valley of Bar, the new part of the town, the port, open seas and massif of the mountain of Rumija.

Bar’s Farmers Open Market

A special attraction of the Old Town Bar is its farmers market (pjaca) where sellers offer their customers local products such as: citrus fruits, olives, olive oil from the area of Bar, cheese and a variety of local handicrafts. The Old Olive of Mirovica is a trademark natural feature of Bar. It is believed to be more than 2000 years old and it is one of the oldest olive trees in the world.

Old Olive Tree of Mirovica

It was put under State protection in 1957. Numerous legends and traditions are associated with the Old Olive of Mirovica. One of them has it that at one time families that had a dispute would come here to make peace under this olive tree. Thus it earned its name – Mirovica (the root of the name is ‘mir’, meaning peace). Tour starts from the port of Bar.