Visiting the Adriatic Coast by Cruise Ship or Seeking Your Own Boat Ride?

Regardless if you are visiting the Montenegro Coastline by Cruise ship or on your own Individual Arrangement, Talas-M provides two unique services to enable the best Adriatic Cruise Experience for your visit to the Montenegro Adriatic coastline.

Shore Excursions, Tours & Day Trips

For example, take private Art lessons with a local artist or, access places that are usually not open to the public. Visits off the track areas like wine tastings at boutique wineries. Start your trip in the bay area where mountains have cracked and let the sea in. Experience the life style of sailors. Discover old Island legends. Give us your client preferences, and we’ll offer you the best options.

Boat Charters, Speed Boats & Yachts

For individuals, groups or companies. From 1 person to groups of 400. Charter a boat for Sailing, Fishing, Cruising, Sightseeing or Diving trips. Enjoy a variety of traditional boats, small and larger ships as well as Speed Boats and motor Yachts. Let us know if we can help you choose the best solution for your own private Adriatic Cruise trip in Montenegro.

We also provide classical city tours and other visits while in port! These are unique experiences that cannot be booked via regular tours offered by cruise lines. Feel free to contact us for more details, or simply ask for a custom made solution! Please contact us in advance.